Mmm... pie (and cake).

Where did the idea for Pied come from?

Everyone has a story. That person who just cut us off in traffic might have done so because there are in the middle of a family crisis and as a result are a bit distracted. As we rush through our busy lives we rarely get the chance to stop and talk to people and find out what they’ve been through. Pied will feature everyday people whose stories will inspire us.

What happens on Pied?

We will hear about how one person or family got through a difficult time in their lives - one story each show. Along the way, we will raise some money and pie some faces.

Meet the Team

Who are the people behind Pied?


Barbara Best

Producer & Host

Barbara has been a performer, director, and producer in community theatre for over 20 years. She is also a voice artist, screenwriter, and filmmaker.




Ted Parnell

Music & Creative Consultant

Ted has worked as a musician and an audio specialist for many (many) years. His creative input is irreplaceable.

Want to share your story...

If you have an inspiring story to share, contact us.